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Welcome to Bullseye Beef Jerky

Welcome to Bullseye Beef Jerky

Welcome to Bullseye Beef Jerky Welcome to Bullseye Beef Jerky

About Us


Our Products

All of our products are handmade using our old fashioned family owned recipes that are unique and allows us to produce a wide range of specialty flavours and dried meats products  


Our Story

We are a small family owned and operated business established March 2016 in the hills of Sawyers Valley, Perth WA. We are passionate about quality and great flavours, striving to bring unique flavour combinations with top quality meats and marinades. 


Our Mission

Bring to you the best quality jerky in Australia.

We here at Bullseye believe that supplying a superior quality product is of utmost importance and we strive to make any request possible 



Yoshi Bear - 5 star Facebook review

Vegemite Jerky??? I was apprehensive at first as I don't  like as I done like the Aussie staple BUT, it was about the best jerky I had ever had and concreted that with 3 other mates saying the same thing! Also enjoyed the mouth watering Red wine, Black Cherry & Garlic biltong. Bloody great service too. Call in on your way east guys. 


Viv Sunderland - 5 star Facebook review

Lovely products and great customer service. They take the time to explain things and/or answer your questions. And it's nice they say that one is not pressured to buy their products per kilo but rather based on what you can afford or want. Love their original beef jerky and chihuahua loves their liver treats. 


Greg Wagenmakers - Mr Chilli

 As a long-time fan of beef jerky, my mind was suitably blown when it dawned on me that what I believed jerky to be, wasn’t really all that good. It was clear that there was jerky and THERE WAS JERKY. The primary goal for a good jerky is to provide the consumer with a tough piece of dried flesh, which allows for an extended ‘chew’ all the while still maintaining a satisfactory flavour. My word, does this jerky deliver!!

In the packet are large slabs of dried beef, which I took great satisfaction in tearing apart. The meat doesn’t easily fold and it was a pleasure slowly chewing the torn piece of hide until I could fit it all into my mouth to extract as much of the delicious flavour embedded from deep within.

Did I find it hot? No. It was warm. It was evident that there was chilli present but it is something to have at a BBQ with ‘nibblies’ and EVERYONE could actually enjoy it.

I thoroughly enjoyed chewing this jerky, rolling it around my palate, enjoying the savoury juices until it was basically tasteless cardboard. I challenge anyone else to do the same thing as your natural inclination would be to swallow it to have more.

It is a fantastic jerky and a very worthy recipient of 1st place Beef Jerky (medium) category at the 2017 Mr Chilli Awards.

Flavour wise, I give this jerky a 9/10 and heat wise, it’s a 4-5. After quite a few pieces, one’s mouth will begin to warm up.


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Bullseye Beef Jerky

570 Rosedale Road, Chidlow Western Australia 6556, Australia

08 9572 3332


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